A Groundbreaking Drug for Fatty Liver: A Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Since 2015 there are numerous news and announcements for a first of a kind drug for Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which as of now has no approved conventional treatment.

Reported back in 2015, an actual drug against Fatty Liver disease could soon become a reality.

Current status of fatty liver drug development

As far as I know these are the pharmacy companies that are in a race developing an actual fatty liver treatment based on a drug: Merk, Gilead, Allergan, Pfizer, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Novartis, & Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The above pharmacy companies are conducting test trails and experiments on how effective their newly developed drug is. Most of them report that the drug, mostly a subcutaneously-injected one, reduces liver fat versus a placebo. Most of them also report that their drug reduces fibrosis, which is a scarring that can lead to serious liver conditions such as cirrhosis, cancer and eventually a liver failure.

But we all need to treat these reports very carefully. These are the internal company findings, no FDA and no long-term knowledge of their effectiveness. Currently, there is no time-lime or any deadline for an actual drug available for the public.

Where does it leave us?

At this moment nothing has changed on available treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Even if there will be a drug that can decrease the fat levels in the liver, it will not be a replacement for the most effective treatment for fatty liver – which is a good and planned diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Nothing will change that, for better or worse.

Remember, no drug will be effective in the long-term as a proper diet guide and changing your eating habits. You should start with my recommended foods for fatty liver.

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