Liver and Abdominal Ultrasound Preparation

A abdominal or liver ultrasound plays a crucial role on diagnosing many liver diseases, including a fatty liver. To get an accurate results, it’s very important to understand and know how you should prepare for a liver ultrasound.

Liver Ultrasound Preparation guidelines

  • Do not drink or eat at least 6 hours before the test.
  • On the day before the test, do not eat – fresh fruits and vegetables, fried and oily food, milk, eggs, bread.
  • What you should eat – cooked vegetables, puree, marmalade, honey, roasted bread, soup, and rice.
  • No medications are needed to be taken before the ultrasound.
  • The liver ultrasound scan is completely painless.

Here is its estimated procedure

  • Lying onto an ultrasound table.
  • A special gel will be spread upon your abdomen.
  • The tester will move a tool called “transducer” (looks like a small wand) over the gel, that will create and capture the most relevant images.
  • The tester will process and look at the images, and will enter his conclusions.

Total estimated time of the test: 20-30 minutes.

A typical scene from a Liver Ultrasound room


Learn more about liver ultrasound, and take a look at fatty liver pictures.

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  1. arcen
    arcen says:

    Yes i have done my liver ultra sound and the findings is this:

    The liver is normal in size with regular marginal outline and homogenous echopattern.
    The liver span measures 12.8 cm. Parenchymal echogenicity is increased. There is no focal solid or cystic mass lesion seen. Then intrahepatic biliary radicles, portal vein and its tributaries are not dilated.

    Incidentally, there are multiple strong echoes in the gall bladder lumen ranging from 0.4 to 1.1cm. The wall is of normal thickness. No pericholecystic fluid is seen.

    Impression: Fatty liver
    Cholecystolithiases without evidence of cholecystitis

    They don’t tell me, to have fasting before going ultrasound is this the right result.

  2. arcen
    arcen says:

    i have aresult of 163 sgpt. is that so high to have me a fatty liver?
    i am 46 yrs 162cm height and 58 kg of weight please reply

  3. arcen
    arcen says:

    i have aresult of 163 sgpt. is that so high to have me a fatty liver
    i am 46 yrs 162cm height and 58 kg of weight

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hello Arcen,

      According to your height/weight ratio you aren’t overweight.

      Could you you tell me what type of food you usually eat? Also, have you done a liver ultrasound to confirm you have a fatty liver? It’s very important.

      In general, I highly recommend starting a proper diet plan using the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It helped hundreds of my own patients to reverse their disease and decrease their elevated enzyme levels.

      Wish you all the health,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  4. joanna
    joanna says:


    A female friend of mine has been found to have high levels of some liver enzymes and has been referred to have an abdomino-pelvic ultrasound. Problem is that the hospital advises her to drink a lot of water before the ultrasound because the pelvic part of the ultrasound will need to be done on a full bladder. She is concerned that this might interfere with the findings of the abdonominal part of the ultrasound which normally requires to have no food or drink 6 hours before. I would be grateful for your advice on this.
    Secondly, you list certain foods that one can eat on the day before the ultrasound e.g. cooked vegetables, soup and rice. Is it best to avoid meat or fish? How about lentils or beans? Is it advisable to eat this way for a few days prior to the scan?


    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hi Joanna,

      In your case it might be best to perform ultrasound twice – one with drinking a lot of water as it’s required, and the second on a complete empty stomach.

      Regarding the food intake a day before the ultrasound – your are right, please avoid fresh fruit, meat, fish, and any food with high fat. Please also avoid lentils and beams.

      Wish you all well with the test,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  5. mary
    mary says:

    Dr Bar-Gomel, My bilirubin is normal, but my enzymes are both in the very high 300’s. (one is 392 for ex.) I’m 62, 5’4″, weight 125, and do not drink alcohol of any kind. We’ve already ruled out hepatitis. But would appreciate what I know can only be guesses on your part as to what might be going on. Fatigue is so severe I’m sleeping between 17 and 21 hours a day mostly. Have generalized abdominal discomfort & occasional nausea, without vomiting.I occasionally get very sharp stabbing pain in mid to lower right quadrant of my back, usually when rising from a seated position..Urination has doubled in frequency and now wakes me a bare minimum of 5 to 6 times during the night. Stools are noticeably looser and lighter in color (tho not chalky white as they once were during hepatitis episode 35 years ago). I also have what I can only describe as profound itching on my back, in particular, sufficiently severe to disrupt activities and even to wake me.

    I know some of these symptoms may be unrelated, but thought it best to give you as complete a picture as possible. I’m grateful for any suggestions you might offer. I have an ultrasound scheduled for later this week.

  6. terry1224
    terry1224 says:

    hi, i have a ultrasound report with cirrhosis on the liver , but when i went to see my gastroenteroloist , he is also a hepatologist liver specicalist, when he look at my blood test report that ” u dont have cirrhosis. ” but i am still worry about it, do u think , cuz i have eat a fat meal in the middle of the night and my ultrasound test in the morning? thanks

  7. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Ast 204,alt 65. Age 44, ht 5’7, wt 184. I am not much of a drinker (occasionally have a drink with friends) and smoke about 1/4 pack a day). I just had an ultrasound, but don’t know results. I did see tech measuring some black spots and referred to my kidney as sagging. Could you give me some insight at least? I know you can’t diagnose. Thank you.

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hello Debbie,

      Your ALT and AST are very high, and your enlarged liver suggest you might have a fatty liver.
      I assume you already done an ultrasound?

      Can you let me know what’s you age, height and weight?

      Waiting for your kind reply,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

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