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Fatty Liver and Diabetes

A recent study done in Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in South Korea, found that people who were diagnosed with fatty liver, have also an increased chance to for Type 2 Diabetes.

This is quite a significant find, because until now it was believed that a Fatty Liver could be a side effect of other diseases, but this research clearly shows that a fatty liver can actually endorse serious conditions, like Diabetes.


The truth about Mild Fatty infiltration of the Liver

I see a lot of places recently talking about Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver, and it troubles me to find that many people think that is not really a condition that should be taken seriously.

Mild Fatty infiltration of the Liver

The meaning of mild fatty infiltration of the liver is the fact that fatty liver isn’t yet developed at its full scale. Blood results would show some levels of elevated liver enzymes, but not as much.


Reyes Syndrome and Fatty Liver

Reyes Syndrome is a serious condition, and potentially fatal. It’s mostly taking place among children, affects all body organs (especially the brain and the liver), and causing various diseases, including Hypoglycemia (low levels of glucose in the blood).

Reyes Syndrome and Fatty Liver

It’s been related with the consumption of Aspirin, but many patients suffer from the disease where there is no Aspirin involved. This is why the exact cause of the Reyes Syndrome is still unknown.


Everything about Fatty Liver Pain

A fatty liver pain is mainly caused with the advancement of fatty liver disease. Advanced conditions of fatty liver could be the cause of the pain, but it’s impotent to check and verify the exact cause.


In addition, someone who already suffers from pain will most likely have an about double of even more elevated ALT levels, which is a sigh of the disease advancement.


Is a Fatty Liver disease Fatal?

The short answer to this question would be that Fatty Liver by itself isn’t; it can’t be fatal and can’t shorten life. But the dangerous part of fatty liver is its possible complications.

Can fatty liver be fatal

If fatty liver disease isn’t treated, it could possibly lead to Hepatitis, and then to Cirrhosis. And Cirrhosis can be fatal. This is not something that happens overnight; it usually takes years, and even decades.