Liver Detoxification

Green Tea extract may prevent Fatty Liver

A new research done in the University of Connecticut, investigated the benefits of green tea and its influence on fatty liver disease (steatosis). The researchers found that green tea might stop fat build-up around the liver.


This green tea study has been done on mice, and if the results could be translated to humans, the conclusion would be that green tea might become a very beneficial to prevent a fatty liver.


Can Taurine treat Fatty Liver?

A recent research done by scientists from the University of London’s School of Pharmacy, claim that Taurine could undo the liver damage done by alcoholism.


What is Taurine?

Taurine is a core ingredient in the bile and helps digesting fats and absorb vitamins that are capable of  fat dissolvent. It is an essential acid that our body manufactures naturally.


Premium Liver Detox Recipes

The one question that comes up over and over from patients with liver diseases is “What should I eat? “. I can understand the curiosity and the assumption that a good nutrition researcher ought to practice what he preaches. And I do. That is why liver cleanse recipes are very important.

Premium Liver Detox Recipes

For exactly this reason, after hundreds of hours of careful research and work, I have written the absolute premium Liver Detox Recipes, which many may refer to as the Liver Cleanse Recipes book.