Can Chinese medicine help in treating Fatty Liver?

Chinese medicine, as any other alternative treatments, can be very effective against many diseases.

In the case of Chinese medicine as a treatment for fatty liver, it goes to the stages before the diseases itself, and tries to prevent it from happening at the first place.

These methods are considered as a traditional Chinese treatment to fatty liver, that many believe it could help dealing with and preventing fatty liver.

Chinese medicine for fatty liver

The Chinese treatment is based on the symptoms:

  • Swelling of right side rib, fullness, and lack of comfort that is caused by depression, tension, stress and extreme emotional changes, that often go together with dry mouth and/or tongue redness. Correct treatment in this case is to overcome stress and depression.
  • Eager thirst (polydipsia), strong yellow urine, constipation, becoming angry easily than normal, slow pulse, discomfort in the abdominal area. Treatment is Nourish yin (eating healthy food) and liver emollition.
  • Abdominal stretchiness, weakness, dehydration, delicate pulse, dry mouth. Treatment in this case would be to strengthen the spleen and reconcile the stomach, and to disperse phlegm.
  • Cooled limbs, diarrhea, stretching, fine pulse, drinking a lot of water but having no feeling o thirst. Treatment would by warming the spleen and the kidneys,  and by letting a more free and quick blood flow.

In addition, I highly recommend getting the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. Many of my patients who used the guide have reported tremendous improvement in their liver health, and their health in general.

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  1. njuguna martin
    njuguna martin says:

    Your comment…this is quite educative and of much help to me and the society am told my liver is abit disturbed after doing a liver test ,some are are quite high ,so I want to take great care and have it normal again .


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