The truth about Mild Fatty infiltration of the Liver

I see a lot of places recently talking about Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver, and it troubles me to find that many people think that is not really a condition that should be taken seriously.

The meaning of mild fatty infiltration of the liver is the fact that fatty liver isn’t yet developed at its full scale. Blood results would show some levels of elevated liver enzymes, but not as much.

Liver ultrasound would show some levels of enlarged liver and fat around the liver, but again, not as much as a non-mild fatty infiltration of the liver.

Mild Fatty infiltration of the Liver

The truth about Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver

The problem is, there is actually no such thing. To avoid fatty liver complications, the disease needs an attention as soon as you are diagnosed, no matter if it’s mild or at any other stage.

If you are being told you “only” have a mild fatty liver infiltration and it’s nothing to worry about – don’t take it for granted. Your aim should be to stop the disease as soon as possible by treating fatty liver. Don’t wait for the advancement of the disease.

If you have been told you have a Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver, comment below and tell your story.

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  1. Lynette
    Lynette says:

    I was recently diagnosed I had this and my doctor acted like it was no big deal and told me to lose weight, I asked her if I should be taking milk thistle as that is the supplement for fatty liver or liver issues and it is natural, she rolled her eyes and said you can but you need to lose weight that is what will cure it. I was disappointed that she wasn’t thinking about my quality of life as I told her I have what I call liver attacks sometimes. And anyone who has had liver pain pain knows it is the worst pain ever. I have to use a heating pad as soon as I feel it as that is the only thing that calms it down, I used to wake up in the bathtub before I had a heating and not even remember how I got there it was like my subconscious knew what I needed and took me there in my sleep. Is anyone on any liver supplements if so what are you using

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    My ultrasound reports say [14.8 cm. There is diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver] what does it mean?

  3. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    My ultrasound said, coarse, increased hepatic parenchymal echogenicty, in keeping with hepatic deposition disease with hepatocellular disease or,steatosis,or hepatocellular disease.
    I have HHE. What does it all mean?
    Thank you for your help.

  4. Tamera Mares
    Tamera Mares says:

    I’m a 51 year old female and I just had an abdominal ultrasound and impression is Generous sized liver with fatty infiltration. What next? Should I just ignore it? Ty!

    • Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hi Tamera,

      Don’t ignore it! That’s the last thing you want to do.
      If untreated, fatty liver could lead to a more chronic liver diseases such as cirrhosis, so I suggest to take it seriously.
      Please take a look at this article:

      It has all the information to get you started. Let e know if you have more questions.

      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  5. amit. rawat
    amit. rawat says:

    I am a regular driinker. But i stopped drinking now from last 10 days as my report saays mild fatty infiltration in. Liver nd showws mildly raiseed eechotexture so suges me diet etc doc advice mee levlon 3, 300 mg andd evion 400. For 2 month i. Itt too serious to have these med too long


    I am writing for my mother, age 45. She had stomach ache so doctor asked for ultrasound. It got everything normal but liver is enlarged 15.2 cm with fatty infiltration. Is there something to worry about… ?

  7. Rehana
    Rehana says:

    My sister is mostly suffering from abdominal problems, i.e. diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration. CT Scan abdomen was carried out and it was diagnosed that liver normal in size shown diffuse fatty infiltration.
    Honourable Sir,
    Now which treatment should be started to get rid from such type of disease and complaints in future.

    • Ajay vishwakarma
      Ajay vishwakarma says:

      I m suffering from mild fatty in filtration of liver.
      Dr. advice me to use medicine … .ursocol 300 . ..

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