Everything about Fatty Liver Pain

A fatty liver pain is mainly caused with the advancement of fatty liver disease. Advanced conditions of fatty liver could be the cause of the pain, but it’s impotent to check and verify the exact cause.

In addition, someone who already suffers from pain will most likely have an about double of even more elevated ALT levels, which is a sigh of the disease advancement.

Pain description by fatty liver patients

Although the pain can be different from one person to another, many patients report similar pain types, from mild to severe.

The patients with severe pain usually report report a constant dullness between back and stomach, and when the pain is severe it lasts from a couple of hours up to around 8 hours, and can come and go every couple of days. Women even describe is something similar to “Labour pains”.

It’s important to understand that even at this stage, fatty liver can be reversed.

Start treating yourself

Start eating healthy, forget about the high-fat and fried food, drink water instead of sweet drinks, and start a proper diet plan. You could use the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It helped hundreds of patients who suffer from fatty liver pain. Click here to learn more.